Welcome to my website!

I am a mixed media textile designer with a passion for drawing, embellishment and colour. My research inspiration comes from florals, animals and historic places, people and events. I love to draw the beautiful things that I see in this world, and translate them into something unique and special. The work that I produce is mainly designed for the interior market, I love the idea of creating something that will become a focus in someone’s house. This could be through a printed wallpaper, patterned fabric panels, or an embroidered cushion. I am inspired by artists, brands and designers that have a strong sense of imagery in their work, including Zoffany, Karen Nicol and Nina Campbell. I want to create a similar essence of beauty in my designs through the use of drawing and pattern making.

Throughout my work, I aim to push techniques to the limit, and keep developing my skills. This allows me to translate my research into designs through embellishment, print, or fabric construction. I have developed a passion for stitch, with most of my designs containing elements of digital embroidery. I combine the stitches that I create using this technology with traditional hand embroidery and beading techniques. Within my collections I love to experiment, and generate new ways of using stitch,imagery and structure, to create contemporary fabrics and products.